--The New York Times Book Review

“Roberts’ intimate memoir of finding love in the most unexpected place treads the line between narrative nonfiction, romance, and self-help….. Roberts’ ability to find her inner strength, often with the aid of self-help bibles, time and time again is admirable and those looking for a romantic read (although without the traditional happy ever after) with an urban-lit edge will be rewarded." 



"The Love Prison Made and Unmade is a moving memoir about forgiveness, resilience and the power of love. Ebony weaves poetry, letters and prose to tell our unconventional love story, one full of the complexities of life. With searing honesty and heightened emotional clarity, she tells a rich and textured story that unfolds behind the walls of prison and ultimately unravels on the other side of freedom. In The Love Prison Made and Unmade, everyone will learn what I’ve always known—love is truly Ebony's superpower.” 

"Ebony Roberts had me on an emotional roller coaster so much so I hated to put the book down. I read in between duties at work and at home and finished in 24 hours."


"Masterfully told from beginning to end! I cried, laughed, cried some more and even wanted to jump into the book several times to kick Shaka's you know what! I had soooo many "aha" moments that I had to grab my notebook and pen and write down key Universal laws and teachings that I used to practice but somehow got away from. I am grateful! Grateful that the Universe gifted Ebony with the art of storytelling and the courage to put 'her story' out there as she has so bravely done. BRAVO!"


"There are few books that speak to the heart, mind, and spirit of womanhood in the way The Love Prison Made and Unmade do. Within moments of beginning the first chapter, I connected to the hopes, dreams, tears, betrayals, and determination Roberts’ allows readers to witness through her expert storytelling and transparency. Ebony takes us with her on her journey to and through womanhood in the golden but gritty cultural repository we know as Detroit. The book is simultaneously graceful, raw, inspiring, gut-wrenching , and hopeful, with a poignant undercurrent of resilience and divine power. I didn’t want to put it down once I picked it up and I didn’t want it to end as I neared the final pages." 


"Raw, gripping, poetic, refreshingly honest and brazenly laid bare . . . The Love Prison Made and Unmade is well worth the read."


"Beautifully written story. I’ve felt every emotion and continued to have goosebumps. I have been living your story for the past week. I am sad about the ending but I am proud of you for sharing your story. I admire your strength and respect you for fighting for love. It was worth it and there is a lesson behind it all. Thank you for being you and bringing this book to the community! Much needed read."


"The Love Prison Made and Unmade is a page-turner that you won’t be able to put down. The author’s openness about her feelings and experiences allowed me to feel every emotion through her words. Ebony Roberts is a great story teller who shares the good, bad and ugly sides of love. Her authenticity is a breath of fresh air and made me feel less ashamed of some of my own stories."