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Dating Again

Parts of your story hit my soul because of the similarities, mainly dealing with an incarcerated man. Like you, I did not have a happy...

Meant to Be?

How were you sure that you and Shaka weren’t meant to be with each other anymore? How did you know the relationship wouldn’t get better...

Dealing with the Breakup

How did you handle the breakup after you look back at all you invested in this man and wanting it to work? Anonymous from Atlanta, GA I...

Feeling Unappreciated

You went through a lot, more than what most women would have, so did you ever feel unappreciated or taken advantage of?


This is a safe space. No judgement. No shame. 


If you have a question about loving a man or woman in prison, submit it here. Are you and your loved one having issues communicating? Do you feel judged by family or friends? Are you preparing for your loved one to come home and want help navigating his/her transition? Ask me anything. I'm an open book.

I share my story so you don't have to feel alone. 




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